Mange is a skin disorderthat caused by parasitic mites. Despite mites are available in most dogs andcreate no signs, some still develop and result in mange symptoms. Using homeremedies for mange is a smart choice, as there are plenty of household itemsaround you for dog mange treatment.
To treat mange, bothtopical products and oral medications are needed. It is not compulsory to usedrugs on localized mange as the lesions will heal themselves when the puppygrows up. But in generalized cases, doctors will indicate a long-term treatmentand follow up, which may cost a huge budget to continue.
Dry skin is one of thebiggest negative effects of mange shampoo, as it removes the natural oil of yourdog. To prevent this, make sure to choose the right version of shampoo that isdesigned for pets only. The human products are too concentrated for animal’sskin and could bring more harm than good effects (information from
The honey effect is similarto dogs with mange. Both oral and topical use is accepted.
Applying honey on yourpuppy’s skin helps soothe the irritation, reduce itching and inflammation.Meanwhile, eating honey will boost the natural immune system and strengthen theability to fight mites on dogs. For topical use, apply a small honey on theaffected areas and leave for at least 15 minutes. Make sure your dog will notlick it off. For oral use, add a few tablespoon of honey into the meal once aday. You can feed your puppy until mange has gone away.