Hello everyone

Just introducing myself as signed up to the forum today.

I love to exercise, especially bodyweight exercise. I have used bodyweight exercise especially to train myself back to fitness after suffering a car accident that left me with bad whiplash and led to me developing epilepsy. Both of which left me unable to do any of the exercises I had been able to do before like handstand push ups and one armed chins. It's been a long road back since then, over the past 5 years or so. Maddeningly I was left not even being able to do a single push up which truly sucked, but I'm much stronger again now and aiming for achieving goals like a front lever and freestanding handstand push up. Currently I'm at a tucked front lever hold and freestanding handstand but without being able to do the push up, but I'm working hard for both.

The fitness bug has definitely taken me though and I recently qualified as a personal trainer and read loads on the subject, so hope to share my knowledge as well as learn from others here. I have also recently set up a website with a fitness blog where I offer online training through individualised programme design. I admit I'm not a computer developer though so the website is coming along, but it is a steep learning curve. Going well so far though and it's another hobby of mine to keep improving it.

I'm also posting youtube tutorials on a progressive approach to various bodyweight exercises so I can help trainees of all levels which is my ultimate goal after my ordeal. This was the only way I regained my strength so want to get more people in the world interested in fitness, especially bodyweight exercises after recently having learnt handstands and feeling the joy of doing movements like this. Check out my website at: http://www.trainyourselffit.com/ and my youtube channel Train Yourself Fit at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUj...0oRZkLClOF0jPQ. I only launched last week but hope to get plenty of content on there henceforth.

Look forward to posting here too to help where I can, or indeed to be helped.

All the best.