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    Planche & One Arm Chin Up Journey

    I am documenting my 1st set of every workout on my journey to full planche and one arm chin up. I hope to have 3 one arm chin ups and a 9 second full planche by the end of 2017 and I'm posting 3 workouts every week with my progress and form improvement. I would enjoy to have an open conversation with anyone interested in these two difficult exercises and how you are progressing as well as hear any questions you may have about my journey. When I started this journey I could do about 15 chin ups and a 15 second tuck planche (0 seconds with hands facing backwards). I am using resistance bands for both exercises and currently using 58lbs of assistance with the intent to drop about 1lb per week on average in order to meet my goal. I'll post my workouts below and if you're interested subscribe to follow me on my journey!

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