I've seen the last challenges as a opportunity to improve and grow. Even with little weights, but determination, I was able to grind up to some nice overall figure, getting better along the way.

Today I thought about a nice way to spend December in the noble tradition of friendly competition.

Here my humble proposal:


I noticed today, while practicing the Kettlebell swing with some moderate weight (8k) - still working on form here, that it would be a nice challenge to GTG them the next month AND working myself up to the heavier 12 k bell.

The multiple benefits of the swing can be recherched with a simple

search of our always handy t-nation database

What would be more convenient to shred along the bulking month with some nice swings?

Swing a Kettlebell, Dumbbell, hammer, tire, bag, old boot, dead cat, you name it.

Swings with tires at 1:55

I think we could easily come up with a simple scoring system, based on reps, weight and time.

Please let me know, what you think

kettlebell pig.jpg
Die Pig!