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    October Challenge, Load your Carry and go the Distance Toughguy!

    Welcome to the October Challenge: Load your Carry and go the Distance Toughguy! (LCgDT)

    Please read this article to get a sense of the IMMENSE benefits of doing loaded carries, and then grab something heavy and get moving!

    Here is the Challenge Score Calculator, courtesy of Ranger_x3 with additional thanks and kudos to Ccheatum for helping out. Also, here is a tutorial example of how to use it.

    To use the calculator, simply click the above link and enter all your information into the fields provided (you should look at the calculator before you begin your carries so you know what info to write down during your workout). Only click "get score" after you have entered the info for each of your carry methods. You will notice that when you choose "Second Carry", etc. from the drop down menu under "Select Carry Number", the info you entered for your previous carries remains saved. Once you have entered the info for all your carries, then go ahead and click "Get Score".

    The "Your Score Is:" is calculated by adding up the "Total Score" for each carry method. The "Total Score" for each carry represents the overall difficulty of your carry based on the information you entered. "Work Score" represents the actual amount of work, without consideration of how long it took you to perform it, and "Power Score" is a representation of the intensity of the work you did. So the faster you move, the higher your power score will be.

    And there is one thing the calculator does not like: REST. So don't do it unless you have to! Note: If you do have to rest, always include it in the carry immediately following the rest, because that is the carry that will have benefited from it, and thus that is the carry that should have a lower score.

    So to keep track of your scores throughout the rest of the month, something like this should go in your sig:

    October LCgDT Challenge Scores:
    Overall Score: XXXX
    Work Score: XXXX
    Power Score: XX

    Your overall score should be added together from workout to workout from the "Your Score Is:" entry at the top of the Calculator.
    Your work score should also be added up together from all of your carry methods.
    And you power scores should be added up and then divided by the number of carries you have done so far, in order to determine your average power output over the course of the challenge.

    These are the three categories that will be tracked in the leaderboard.

    Below is additional information that will dictate how well you score, and a description of the various carry methods that will be employed in this challenge:

    Terrain Multipliers, units of measure:
    Uphill (x2), meters
    Downhill (x1.5), meters
    Upstairs/Downstairs (x.5), steps
    Flat (x1), meters

    Load multiplier
    50% of BW = (x.5)
    75% BW = (x.75), etc.

    Description of each carry method
    See the calculator for each one's difficulty multiplier.

    Pretty simple. Press or jerk the load overhead and lock out the lift. Now walk (or try to run, mwahahahah!). Center of gravity is super high and shoulders will be majorly taxed even with light weight, hence the difficulty.

    One handed overhead carry.

    Carry the load in front of you, using your forearms like the forks of a forklift.

    Bear Hug
    This is pretty self-explanatory.

    Hold the weight in your hand around shoulder level. You can rest it against your body. Ideally done with kettlebells and loads with a workable handle.

    Put the load on your shoulder and hang on to it with one or both hands.

    Suitcase carry
    As a farmer's carry, except with only hand at a time.

    Simply hold the load at your side(s) and walk, like a farmer coming back from the well with a bucket of hydrogen dioxide.

    Put the load on your back and hang on to it with one or (probably) both hands. This is the most efficient carry method of all because the center of gravity is not unmanageably high and it is directly over your wheels.

    Weight Vest
    Wearing a weighted vest by itself does not count as a carry, but if you wear one while carrying it will enhance your carry scores.

    So now all you have to do is post your carry workouts in this thread Thanks and have at it!
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