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  1. List of Free Ebooks

    *******READ THE RULES*******

    Hey everyone the last list got a little out of control, and it got hard to follow requests. So I thought I'd start a fresh one and start this whole joy over again and spread the knowledge even more. I have added quite alot of books since the last time and I am ready to appropriate requests again. Just remember the rules which I will post here again and happy hunting.Just a couple of things to know:

    1. I often will update this list with new book's, and new things added very often, so check back every once in a while a look for new stuff.

    2. If you are not comfortable posting your email in this forum, private message it to me, and with what books you want.

    3.***********Read this as it is important Please be an active user on this website. Simple put. My idea for sharing this list, is for the members of this site and helping increase their knowledge of all training methods with out certain prejudice and or shallow viewed idea's/theories. Simply put, you want to learn, I have resources that can help. I'm not about to send free books to people who come to the site for a day just to get some books and leave. It wouldn't be fair to the people here who have put their time in so to speak. So please be respectful of this. Put your time in and then come and find me.*****************

    4. If you are looking for a certain book but can't find it, let me know and I will try and get it for you.

    5. If you have a book that is not on this list, and you think it should be, please send it to me, so I can add it, and we can share it with everyone on here. Here is the list below

    Dragon Door Publishing
    Convict Conditioning 1- Paul Wade
    Convict Conditioning 2- Paul Wade
    Super FAQ- Paul Wade
    Easy Strength- Dan John, and Pavel
    Bulletproof Ab's- Pavel
    Power to the People- Pavel
    Relax into Stretch- Pavel
    Super Joints- Pavel
    Beyond Bodybuilding- Pavel
    Russian Kettlebell Challenge- Pavel
    The Naked Warrior- Pavel
    Enter the Kettlebell- Pavel
    Enter the Kettlebell Workbook- Art of Strength
    Raising the Bar- Al Kavadlo
    Viking Warrior Conditioning- Kenneth Jay
    From Russia With Tough Love- Pavel

    Bodyweight Training
    7 weeks to 50 Pull ups- Brett Stewart
    7 weeks to 100 push ups- Brett Stewart
    7 weeks to 300 Sit Ups- Brett Stewart
    Dinosaur Bodyweight Training- Brooks Kubik
    Building the Gymnastics Body- Christopher Sommer
    **** SEAL Workout- Mark Delisle
    **** SEAL Fitness Guide
    Combat Conditioning- Matt Furey
    Solitary Fitness- Charles Bronson
    underground Guide to Warrior Training- Ross Enamit
    Lean Hybrid Muscle Bodyweight- Elliot Hulse, Mike Westerdal
    You Are Your Own Gym- Mark Lauren
    Never Gymless- Ross Enamait

    Strength and Conditioning
    Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications
    Fundementals of Sports Training- Lenoid Matveyev
    The Olympics Textbook of Science In Sport
    The Olympics Textbook of Medicine In Sport
    The Olympics textbook of Strength and Power In Sport
    Francis Training System- Charlie Francis
    Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications
    Fundementals of Sports Training- Lenoid Matveyev
    Black Book of Training Secrets- Christian Thibaudeau
    Jekyll/Hyde- Christian Thibaudeau
    Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power methods- Christian Thibadeau
    High Threshold Musclebuilding- Christian Thibaudeau
    Managing the training of Weightlifters- Russian Translated Manual
    Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities- Mike Boyle
    Science and Practice of Strength Training- V.M Zatiorsky
    The Tier System- Athletic Based Strength Training- Joe Kenn
    Transfer of Training in Sport Volume's 1&2- Anatoily Bondarchuk
    ACT Personal Trainer Certificate TextBook
    Westside Barbell Book of Methods- Louie Simmons
    Fundementals of Special Strength Training in sports- Yuri Verkhoshansky
    Special Strength Training Manual for Coaches- Yuri Verkhoshansky
    ASCM Foundations of Strength Training and Conditioning
    The Essentials of Performance Analysis- Mike Hughes Ian M Franks
    The Training of the Weightlifter- Russian Translated Manual
    Strength Training- National Strength and Conditioning Manual
    Programming and Organization of Training- Yuri Verkhoshansky

    Combat Core- James Smith of Diesel Crew
    Dinosaur Training- Brooks Kubik
    Bench Press Manual- Dave Tate
    Metroflex Powerbuilding Basics- Josh Bryant, Brian Dobson
    The Agressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength- Mike Mahler
    The Agressive Strength Solution for Incredible Kettlebell Training- Mike Mahler
    Practical Programming for Strength Training- Mark Rippetoe
    Starting Strength- Mark Rippetoe
    Vault- A decade of PR shattering Training tips- Dave Tate
    New Rules of Lifting- Alwyn Cosgrove
    Twisted Conditioning- Bud Jeffries
    High Low Sequences of Programming and Organization Training- James The Thinker Smith
    Freak Strength- Zach Even-esh
    Sandbag Assault Course- Zach Even-esh
    From the Ground up- Dan John
    Gladiator Training Manual- Zach Even-esh
    Minimalist Training- Jason Ferrugia
    Max Effort Method- Jim Wendler
    Fitness and Wellness 8th edition
    Strength Training Anatomy- Human Kinetics
    Army PFT- Stew Smith
    Medicine Ball Training- Ross Enamit
    Muscle Revolution- Chad Waterbury
    Infinite Intensity- Ross Enamit
    Speed Training Considerations for non-track athletes- James The Thinker Smith
    Speed Trap- Charlie Francis
    No Bull Speed Development Manual- Kelley Bagget
    Plyometrics- Fred hatfield, and Dr Michael Yessis
    Martial Arts Pressure Points- Ebook/PDF
    Functional Training- Mike Boyle
    Sledgehammer Training- James Smith of Diesel Crew

    Training Programs
    5/3/1- Jim Wendler
    5/3/1 for Powerlifting- Jim Wendler
    EFS Basic Training Manual- Dave Tate
    Strong(er) Phase 1- Dave Tate, Jim Wendler
    Strong(er) Phase 2- Dave Tate, Jim Wendler
    Strong(er) Phase 3- Dave Tate, Jim Wendler
    Accelerated Muscular Development 12 week Program- Diesel Crew
    Get Jacked Fast, 12 week Transformation Guide- Christian Thibaudeau
    Triple Threat Muscle- Jason Ferrugia
    12 month Beast Strength Program- Zach Even-esh
    Built like a Badass- Joe Defranco
    EFS Strength Templates- Elite Fitness Systems
    Kettlebell Swing Program- James Brese RKC
    Bigger, Faster Stronger 2nd Edition
    AMD Gladiator Program- Zach Even-esh
    The Juggernaut Method- Chad Wesley Smith
    Body By Science- Don Mcgruff, John Little
    Defranco's 12 Week Combine Preparation Program- Joe Defranco
    The Complete Guide to **** SEAL Fitness- Stew Smith

    8 sets of 8- Vince Giorda
    Master Series Course- Vince Giorda
    Beyond Brawn- Stuart Mcrobert
    Maximum Muscle: The Science of Intellegent Physique Development- Matthew Perryman
    Advanced Max Contraction Training- John Little
    CFT Controlled Fatigue Training- Ori Hofmelker
    Mass made Simple- Dan John
    Huge in a Hurry- Chad Waterbury
    Lean Hybrid Muscle- Elliot Hulse, Mike Westerdal
    Muscle Gaining Secrets Main Manual- Jason Ferrugia
    Education of a Bodybuilder- Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Weight Training Technique- Stuart Mcrobert
    Championship Bodybuilding- Chris Aceto

    Carb Backloading- Kiefer John
    Fat Loss Diaries- Shelby Starnes, Mark Bartley
    Handbook of Vitamins- (608 pages)
    Intermittent Fasting- Dr.John Berardi
    ISSN Essentials of Sports Nutrition, and Supplements- (491 pages)
    Lipid-Metabolism and Health- Robert J Moffatt, Bryant Stamford
    The Anti Estrogenic Diet- Ori Hofmekler
    Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat- Ori Hofmekler
    The Warrior Diet- ori Hofmekler
    The Warrior Diet Fat Loss Plan- Ori Hofmekler
    CRC Handbook of Muscle Food Analysis- (990 pages)
    Chemical Wizardry Anabolic Steroids for Bodybuilding
    laymans Guide to Steroids Part 1,2,3- Mick Hart
    Eat Stop Eat- Brad Pilon
    The Renegade Diet- Jason Ferrugia
    The Paleo Diet- Loren Cordain
    The Science and Art of Fasting- Herbert M Shelton
    Muscle Buiding Nutrition- Will Brinks
    The Anabolic Diet- Mauro Di Pasquale
    The Metabolic Diet-Mauro Di Pasquale
    The Radical Diet- Mauro Di Pasquale
    Anabolic Solution for Powerlifting- Mauro Di Pasquale
    Anabolic Solution for Bodybuilding- Mauro Di Pasquale
    Amino Acids and Proteins for Athletes- Mauro Di Pasquale
    The China Study- Colin and Thomas Campbell
    Anabolics 9th Edition- William Llewellyn
    Chemical Muscle Enhancement- Author L Rea
    Chemical Muscle Enhancement Building the Perfect Beast- Author L Rea
    Complete Steroid Handbook- Hardcore Bodybuilding
    Macrobolic Nutrition- Gerard Dente
    The Paleo Solution- Robb Wolff
    Advanced Sports Nutrition- Dan Benardot
    Nutritional Assesment of the Athlete- Judy Driskell, Ira Wolinsky

    Pain Free Mobility- Scott Sonnon
    Recuper8 Program- Scott Sonnon
    Self Myofacial Release techniques and methods- Mike Robertson
    Theraputic Modalities for Musculoskeletal Injuries- Craig R Denegar, Ethan,& Susan Saliba
    Behavioral Sports Psychology -James K Luiselli, Derek D Reed
    Corrective Exercises, A Practial Approach- Kesh Patel
    Overuse Injuries of the Musculoskeletal System- Marko Pecina
    Stretching Anatomy- Human Kinetics
    Testosterone for Life- Abraham Morgentaler
    Sports Specific Rehabilitation- Robert Donatell
    Muscle Energy Techniques- Leon Chaitow
    Energy Medicie in Therapeutics and Human Performance- James Oschman
    Rotator Cuff Relief- Horwitz
    Magnificent Mobility- Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson
    Assess and Correct- Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Bill Hartman
    The Olympic Textbook of Epidemiology of Injury in Olympic Sports

    Golden Age of Physical Culture
    A Manual of Physical training- Thomas Inch
    Andersons Physical Education- William Anderson
    Indian Club Exercises- Sim Kehoe
    York Advanced Methods of Weight Training- Bob Hoffman
    Louis Cyr, the Strongest man that ever lived- George F Jowett
    Muscle Control, and Barbell Exercies- Keshub & Gupta
    Sandow system of Physical Training- G. Mercer Adam
    Isometrics- Henry Wittenberg
    Physical Culture for Beginners, without the use of aids- F.J Macdonald
    How to be Fit- Robert Kiphuth
    Manual of Physical Training U.S Army- Circa 1914 (329 pages)
    How to develop a powerful grip- Edward Aston
    The Art and Science of Hand Balancing- Prof. P.H. Paulinetti
    How to Keep Fit, and Like it- Aurthur A. Steinhaus
    Free Gymnastics- Sgt.Moss
    Textbook of Weightlifting- Arthur Saxon
    The way to live in Fitness and Physical Fitness- George Hackenschmidt
    The Development of Physical Power- Arthur Saxon

    Science Based Books
    The A to Z of Bones, Joints, and Ligaments- Dr.A,L Neil
    Schaum Outline of Human Physiology- Schaum's
    Understanding Human Physiology and Anatomy- Mader's
    Clinical Physiology- Ashis Banerjee
    Periodization for Training in Sports- Tudor Bompa
    Human Anatomy and Physiology 7th Edition- Marieb
    Encyclopedia of Chemistry- Scientific Textboo
    ASCM Resources for Clinical Exercise Physiology
    ASCM Introduction to Exercise Science
    ASCM Exercise is Medicine
    Functional Anatomy- Christy Cael
    Protein Engineering Protocols- Humana Press

    Anatomy of Movement- B. Germain
    Neuromechanics of Human Movement- Roger M Enoka
    Sports and Exercise Biomechanics- P. Grimshaw and A. Burden
    Fundemental's of Biomechanics- Duane Knudson
    Biomechanics- Cambridge University Textbook
    Muscle Mechanics- Everett Aaberg
    Brunnstroms Clinical Kinesiology
    Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System- Donald A Neumann
    Applied Kinesiology- Robert Frost
    Handbook of Biomechanics and Human Movement Science- Roger Bartlett
    Measurement of Human Locomotion- Vladimir Medved
    Principals of Biomechanics- Ronald L Huston
    Sports Biomechanics- Roger Bartlett
    The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement- 2nd Edition
    Intoductory Biomechanics From Cells to Organisms- Cambridge University Textbook

    Neuro Science- Dale Purves
    Foundations of Mathematical Neuroscience
    Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience- Charles A. Nelson, Monica Luciana
    Handbook of Brain Microcircuits- Gordon Shepherd
    Handbook of the Neuroscience of Language- Brigitte Stemmer, Harry A. Whitaker
    The Art of Memory- Frances Yates
    Neurochemistry of Sleep and Wakefulness- James M Monti
    Introducing Neuropsychology- John Stirling
    Human Brain Anatomy- Hanna Damasio
    The Neuropsychology of Emotion- Joan C Borod
    The Rise of the Homo Sapien, The Evolution of Modern Thinking- Fredrick L Coolidge
    Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology- Daniel Johnston, Samuel Miao Win Wu
    Emotion, Seduction, Intimacy, a Alternative Perspectives of Human Behavior- Dr.Rory Ridley
    Brain/Vision/Memory- Charles G Gross
    The Genetics of Cognitive Neuroscience- Terry E Goldberg, Daniel R Weinberger
    The Brain- A Beginners Guide
    Natural Born Cyborgs- Andy Clark
    Methods in Mind- Carl Senior, Tamara Russell, Michael S Gazzaniga
    Models and Cognition- Jonathan A Waskin
    Transforming the Mind- Peter Shepherd
    Cognitive Behavior Therapy- Judith S Beck
    From Neuroscience to Neurology- Stephan Waxman.

    Foundations of Cognitive Psychology- Core Reading's (813 pages)
    Psychology, Body Language, how to read other's thoughts by their Gestures- Allan Pease
    Psychology, A self teaching Guide- Frank J Bruno PHD
    Applying Psychology to Everyday Life- Kenneth T Strongman
    Handbook of Psychology (Encyclopedia Volumes 1-12)
    Abnormal Psychology- Spark Charts
    Psychology of Emotion 5th Edition- Kenneth T Strongman
    The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology- Bonnie Strickland
    The Science of Influence- Kevin Hogan
    The Mckinsey Mind- Ethan M Rasiel
    Mind Powers- How to Control Your Unlimited Potential
    Psychology of Intelligence Analysis- CIA Handbook
    Psychology of Women- Florence Denmark, Michele Paludi
    Social Intelligence Skills- For Manager/Supervisors
    The Psychology of Courage- Julia Yang, Alan Milliran, Mark Blagen
    The Power of Social Intelligence- Tony Buzan
    The Power of Verbal Intelligance- Tony Buzan
    The Power of Creative Intelligance- Tony Buzan
    Smart Thinking- Matthew Allen
    Cognitive Psychology- Applying the Science of the Mind 2nd Edition
    Cognition, Brain Consciousness, Intoduction to Cognitive NeuroScience- Bernard J Baars, Nicole M Gage
    Sport and Exercise Psychology, The Key Concepts- Ellis Cashmore
    Exercise, and Cognitive Function- Terry Mcmorris, Phillip Tomporowski, Michel Audriffren
    Double Your Learning Power, Master the Techniques of Successful Memory and Recall- Geoffrey A Dudley
    The Interpretation of Dreams- Sigmund Freud
    Mind Control Language Patterns- Dantalion Jones
    Sports Psychology for Dummies
    The Paradox of Self Consciousness- Jose Bermudez
    The Creative Mind- Margaret A Boden
    The Psychology of Problem Solving- Janet E Davidson
    The Manipulation of Human Behavior- John Wiley
    Mind Hacks- Tom Stafford, Matt Webb

    Self Help/ Sex/ Whatever else lol
    Live Life Agressivley, What Self Help Guru's Should be telling you- Mike Mahler
    Self Discipline in 10 days- Theodore Bryant
    Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a life- Larry Winget
    Psycho Cybernetics- Maxwell Maltz
    Unleash the Warrior Within- Richard "Mack" Machowicz
    The Way of Superior Man- David Deida
    Get in Her Mind, Get In Her Bed- Nick Andrews, Taylor Ryan
    The Art of Approcahing- Thundercat
    Speed Memory- Tony Buzan
    The Language of Success- Tom Sant
    Is your Genius at Work?- Dick Richards
    You Can Train the Brain- Patricia Wilson
    Beyond Positive Thinking- Dr.Robert Anthony
    The Sharper Mind- Fred B Chernow
    You the Owners Manual
    30 Days to a More Powerul Mind- Gini Graham Scott
    Total Orgasm- Jack Lee Rosenberg
    How To Dominate- Gary Brodsky
    The Handbook of the Navigator- Eric J Pipen
    How to Win Every Arguement- Madsen Pirie
    Secrets to Better Sex- Joel D Block PHD
    The Art of Approaching Women- Style Life
    You Can Have an Amazing Memory-Dominic O Brien
    The Mind Map- Tony Buzan
    Study Skills Handbook- Tony Buzan
    How to Blow Her Mind in Bed- Siski Green
    How to Develop Super Power Mind- Harry Lorayne
    Brain Mapping Methods- Arthur W Toga

    Hell Week- Mindset Strategies
    Extraordinary Resolve- Bob Youngs
    The Hero handbook- Nate Green
    Train to Win- Martin Rooney
    Business Research Methods- Dr. Sue Greener
    Enhancing Trader Performance- Brett N Steenbarger
    Einstein, Physics, and Reality- Jagdish Mera
    The Einstein Factor- Theresa Puskar
    Physics without Einstein- Aspden
    Anarchist Cookbook- 2000 Version
    Cannabis Grow Bible- Greg Green
    Idea's and Opinins- Albert Einstein

    50 Shades of Grey- EL James
    50 Shades of Grey Darker- EL James
    50 Shades of Grey Freed- EL James
    The Hunger Games- Suzzane Collins
    Catching Fire- Suzzane Collins
    Mocking Jay- Suzzane Collins
    Bared to you- Sylvia Day
    Frankenstein- Mary Shelly
    Dracula Bram Stoker
    Mein Kampf- Adolf Hitler
    Insomnia- Stephen King
    Firestarter- Stephen King
    Skeleton Crew- Stephen Kng
    Steve Jobs- Walter Issacson
    American Sniper- Chris Kyle
    The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde
    Moonwalking With Einstein- Joshua Foer
    The Brain that Changes itself- Norman Doidge
    4 Hour Workweek- Tim Ferriss
    4 Hour Body- Tim Ferriss
    Atlantis Found- Clive Cussler
    Lost Empire- Clive Cussler
    Trojan Oddessy- Clive Cussler
    Spartan Gold- Clive Cussler
    Lost Symbol- Dan Brown'
    Private London- James Patterson
    From Alien, to The Matrix- Ron Kaveney
    Gandhi, A Political and Spiritual Approach- Kathryn Tidrick
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