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    September Pistol Squat Challenge

    Smaller number of competitors, less categories. I'm trying to keep this thread as simple as possible, so as not to take too much away from the more popular pullup challenge, and anyone can jump in any time they want to. If there are objections to any of the way this is set up, make your comments, because it's not set in stone...

    The Categories:

    1. Max unweighted pistols in a single set
    Video entries encouraged; necessary for an "official win".

    2. Max weighted added for a single rep
    Video entries encouraged; necessary for an "official win".

    3. Most improved max unweighted pistols in a single set

    4. Most improved max weighted added for a single rep

    The Rules:

    1) A little "tap dancing" at the top is fine to maintain balance, but if you stand on two feet at the top, or if you sit on your butt at the bottom, the set is over. Non-working heel can accidentally and lightly touch the ground at the bottom, but must come off the ground BEFORE you begin to push up with your loaded leg, or the set is over.

    2) You may not stand on an elevated surface, but the ground only.

    3) YouTube Video is highly encouraged. Obviously you can still join in if you don't have a camera, but you won't get the official win, even if your post says you did a pistol with 45 more pounds than the winning video of a pistol with a huge weight. You'll still get your congrats and a pat on the back, of course.

    Start recording your pistol workouts near the end of the contest in the last week or two of September, when you are getting close to hitting your peak performance. You don't want to miss recording your PR! Send those to me in a PM so I can set up the FINALISTS posting.

    And of course, for all video submissions, keep it modest and civilized, i.e. wear a shirt, don't cuss or include lewd or crude material of some kind, etc., because when I put all the videos together, I will of course and as usual, be guided by my duty toward modesty.


    Any videos you upload, please use YouTube, and include in the title "Bodyweightculture Pistol Squat Challenge rep PR" or "Bodyweightcultre Pistol Squat Challenge 1RM", including number of reps or weight lifted, so that I know how to file it in the thread when you PM it to me. It would also be cool if you put a link to this thread in the description. We might get some YouTube hooligans wanting to jump in on it, which would keep us all on our toes.

    Example sig:

    September Pistol Squat Challenge TOTALS:
    Max unweighted pistol reps in a set: XX/XX right/left (Pre-challenge PR: XX/XX right/left)
    Weighted Pistol 1RM: XXX#/XXX# right/left (Pre-challenge PR: XX#/XX# right/left)

    I highly recommend putting your numbers in your sig like this, so that there are no secrets, and everybody knows just how hard he has to work to knock off the next guy up the rankings.
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