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    September Pullup Challenge

    The Categories:

    1. Max unweighted pullups in a single set
    Video entries encouraged; necessary for an "official win".

    2. Max unweighted pullups over an hour

    3. Total unweighted pullups in September

    4. Most improved competitor in max reps for a single set
    Measured by subtracting pre-September PR from September PR.
    PM me your pre-September PR to "officially" enter this part of the challenge.

    5. Max weighted added for a single rep
    Video entries encouraged; necessary for an "official win".

    6. Most improved max weight added for a single rep
    Your previous max weight added, subtracted from your PR during the challenge.
    PM me your pre-September PR to "officially" enter this part of the challenge.

    7. Max TOTAL weight (bodyweight + external resistance) for a single rep
    This is where the heavier guys have a chance to compete with the pound for pound toughs like Jman and Mcem222.
    Video entries encouraged; necessary for an "official win".

    The Rules:

    1) Dead hang only for all categories. One hand may leave the bar at a time during max sets, but feet must not touch the ground so as to take any of the body's weight.

    2) Video is highly encouraged for categories 1, 5, and 7. Obviously you can still join in if you don't have a camera, but you won't get the official win, even if your post says you did 17 more pullups in a single set than the winning video of 33 strict dead hang pullups (it could happen!). You'll still get your kudos, of course.

    3) Pullups over an hour will be based on the honor system because who has the money to shell out for five packs of AA batteries to record an hour long pullup workout and who has the time to watch all the video entries?

    4) If you want to shoot for "most improved" in reps and/or 1RM, perform a benchmark 1RM and/or max rep set ON or before Sept. 1 and PM your numbers to me. You can video if you want, but you don't have to. You must get these numbers to me ASAP if you want to compete in the "most improved" version of these two categories. I've already extended it by a day, because so far only one person has sent his numbers in to me. I won't extend it again, because I won't have time for the rigmarole. Your benchmark should be an honest sincere max effort. Don't go easy on yourself because you want to make it easier to have a bigger improvement on paper. Honor system is big for this. PLEASE don't say your pre-contest max is 10 reps really could have squeezed out 12 or 13... Or your max weight added is 50 if you could squeeze your chin over the bar with 55. Pre contest max doesn't have to be from ancient times, like if you used to be able to more, but recent, as in what you can do NOW in your honest sincere effort benchmark. Warmup before your benchmark and don't do it cold. Visualize and try to do the best you can, so that you are really making yourself work for the improvements to come.

    Wrapping up:

    Not every workout for categories 1, 5, and 7 needs to be videoed, but definitely start recording the ones near the end of the contest in the last week or two of September, when you are getting close to hitting your peak performance. You don't want to miss that opportunity! Send those to me in a PM so I can set up the FINALISTS posting.

    And of course, for all video submissions, keep it modest and civilized, i.e. wear a shirt, don't cuss or include lewd or crude material of some kind, etc., because when I put all the videos together, I will of course and as usual, be guided by my duty toward modesty.


    Any videos you upload, please use YouTube, and include in the title "Bodyweightculture Pullups Challenge rep PR" or "Bodyweightcultre Pullups Challenge 1RM", including number of reps or weight lifted, so that I know how to file it in the thread when you PM it to me. It would also be cool if you put a link to this thread in the description. We might get some YouTube hooligans wanting to jump in on it, which would keep us all on our toes.

    If you want to be compete for this category, please do your best to keep track of your numbers, once the challenge starts and put them in your sig. I will simply not have the time/brainpower to go through the thread and add up everyone's totals. Use CV as your example from the plank thread. He posted every plank he did, and added up his numbers and tallied them in his sig. Use a template similar to this for the categories you want:

    Example sig:

    September Pullup Challenge TOTALS:
    Max unweighted deadhang pullups in a set: XX (Pre-challenge PR: XX)
    Max unweighted deadhang pullups over an hour during challenge period: XX
    Total unweighted deadhang pullups over challenge period: XXX

    Weighted Pullup Challenge 1RM: XXX# (Pre-challenge PR: XX#)
    Weighted Pullup Challenge Max Total Weight: XXX#

    I highly recommend putting your numbers in your sig like this, so that there are no secrets, and everybody knows just how hard he has to work to knock off the next guy up the rankings.
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