We are approaching the home stretch of the Plank Challenge and there seems to be some interest around the forums in doing one per month. So here is your opportunity to weigh in on what exercise the next BWC-wide challenge should be focused on. No matter what exercise is chosen, there will be up to seven categories, including:

Most total reps in a set

Most total reps in an hour

Most total reps over the contest

Most weight added for a single rep

Highest total weight (including bodyweight) for a single rep

Most improved member (previous rep PR in a single set vs. contest PR)

Freestyle video

This gives everyone on BWC a chance to find their competitive niche and should provide for a very interesting and dynamic challenge.

So please vote on which exercise you would like to see as the next challenge, and please only vote if your intention is to actually participate in the challenge if your exercise is chosen. If you don't see your favorite exercise on the list, then vote "other" in the poll and make a comment mentioning which exercise you would like to do. If there are enough other members who agree, then it might be the one we do.

The next contest will start September 1 and go to September 30.