Specifically looking at me, Josh, Alex, and stonecold for this one--as well as whoever else wants in. We're all in different places but I think we're heading in the same direction here, somewhat?

*More than one OAC with each arm
*10 freestanding handstand (headstand) pushups
*25 consecutive pistols with each leg

I think being able to do those is the sort of level most people shoot for when they start out with bodyweight strength training, and it's a good goal for being 'upper intermediate' as a hobbyist sort of guy using bwe's. I think so, at least.

I've done the pistols before, though not recently, and I should be able to get 2+ OAC when I nab the OAPullup... Josh is far and away on handbalancing and I'm really behind, but Alex and Stonecold are catching up on that front as well as the OAC. The four of us should all be able to hit these in the next 6 months, if we want to work smart about it... thoughts?

--To clarify, this isn't really a contest/challenge/race thread, just a place where we can share info and move forwards together, if we so choose.