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I had an uncle that had a heavy bag on a small end table in the corner of his basement. The end table postioned the bag at the right hight. The corner kept it from moving. It was not on a rope or chain at all. Bach in college I would stay at their place in between semester's. I would do super sets of curls, tricep extensions, pull-over/bench press and 1-2 minutes on the bag in the form of a circuit and repeat for about 30 minutes. As to the wrist you have to learn that position. Position your wrist in the position you punch in and practice just slow motion shadow boxing focusing on keeping that wrist postion.

Isometrics for wrist, forarm and finger's will help but nothing replaces actually punching through a firm object with the right position. I have never meet anyone that did not work a heavy bag that could punch or kick with power. Wrist roller made from broomstick handle and some rope is darn easy way to add strength to your wrist and lower arms.

When doing knuckle push-ups you have to match the way you strike ie first two knuckles or last three. Since I did Martial Art's more then American boxing I use the first two knuckles even when throwing western style punch's. Using the last three is an anatomically stronger wrist position but it does not focus your power as well. Either way will work but you want to be consistent.
I live in an apartment building, positioning bag against the wall for punching might disturb the neighbor a bit too much. Have to think about it tho, i could do it that way. I have to hit on the first two knuckles, i once didn't, punched too hard and broke two bones from my hand. The last 2 knuckels are further back now than the first two. Been learning the right way for both hands since that incident.