Now we have a sensible place for it so pay attention!
Yes that is you lot.....
Bill (Always up for something)
Rick (the man with the right ideas in life)
Erik (just go to sleep)
Amit (how does he fit it in!)
Greek (currently peg leg due to hamstring grief)
Ranger (he is a bit quick....!)

and of course anybody else who wants to join in.

Very simple work, from now to November, to achieve an improvement (of your choice) in your running, jogging, or even walking.

I am going for 10km in 45 minutes, last year it was 55 minutes, and today the enormity of that task dawned on me! In order to do that I have to be 23% faster, yikes, my average pace has to go from 10.9 kmh to 13.4 kmh.

Let me paint you a picture of this. I went to the gym jumped on the tread mill, now this is rare as I don't go into the gym at the club, but I needed some accurate info on what I was doing, stride length etc. So... start off walking, jogging, slightly faster and eventually up to 10kmh. Then the brain says "go on, try it just turn the speed up to 13.5 kmh, go on" so I did ?@%$"* ##"~, was the outcome! I nearly shot off the back of the treadmill, my legs have never ever moved that fast. I am sure I heard a collective giggle go around the gym. Have you ever tried pressing the button to slow down whilst running for your life? It isn't easy!

After many attempts at reaching the button I had success, what a relief and that dear friends was the point at which the enormity of the task which I have set myself dawned on me.

The outcome was that 5km on the random terrain setting took me 27 minutes 45 seconds, pretty much in the ball park I expected.

I then went for a 1km swim (20 minutes) and then in the sauna where I laid down and contemplated the stupidity of my own ideas.

So post your progress, your successes, or in my case "cock ups" and let the fun begin.

Now who esle can I pester to join us?......