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    Bodyweight Circuit Workout/Challenge ( BW 600 WORKOUT )

    [EDIT: Changed the name of this workout to BW150 Circuit, cause one round is 150 reps]

    Hey BWC, I want to share an idea I came up with for a workout that's scalable for beginner and advanced trainees. I want to post it here for future reference. It's just an idea, so take it or leave it, or change anything about it. Questions, comments, critiques welcome.

    I think I'll call it the [BodyWeight 150 Circuit Workout]-- cause one round is 150 reps. Whatever, here it is...

    - warm-up however you like (joint circles, dynamic stretches, 5 minute jog, etc.)
    - complete all repetitions of an exercise before moving on to the next one down the list (circuit style).
    - easier variations and options, as well as alternate exercises are in parenthesis after the main exercise listed (see notes below).


    5 HANDSTAND PUSH-UPS (pike push-ups; or partials, broken set, singles)
    5 PULL-UPS (jumping, kipping, assisted, broken set or singles; various grips)
    10 DIPS (assisted, broken set or singles)
    10 CHINS-UPS (jumping, kipping, assisted, broken set or singles; various grips)
    15 PUSH-UPS (kneeling, incline, broken set or half rep; various grips, decline)
    15 BODY ROWS (knees bent, high incline, or broken set)
    20 V-UPS or SIT-UPS (alternates: Flutter Kicks--two kicks = 1 rep, or Russian Twists--one twist = 1 rep, or Lying Windshield Wipers--each swing of legs = 1 rep)
    20 SINGLE LEG GLUTE BRIDGE (each extension = 1 rep--do 10 per leg, or alternate legs, or perform regular Glute Bridge aka Short Bridge.)
    25 BODYWEIGHT SQUATS (as deep as you can, broken set)
    25 LUNGES (each lunge = 1 rep--alternate legs; or side/reverse lunges, broken set)

    - perform 1 to 4 rounds of the circuit with minimal rest. Work up to 4 rounds, straight sets, no rest.


    - 'broken set' means, if you can not complete the prescribed reps per set (a straight set), break it up into multiple sets until you reach the target number of reps; ex. if you can't do 10 dips in one set, try two sets of 5 reps. Complete all 10 reps in however many sets before moving on to the chin-ups.

    - 'partials' and 'half reps' mean limited, or half range of motion reps.

    - 'singles' means perform single reps instead of a straight set; ex. 5 handstand push-ups can be done like: kick-up into a wall handstand, perform one full or partial HSPU, then come down from the wall back to standing on your feet. Repeat for 4 more reps.

    - 'assisted' reps are performed with the assistance of your legs or resistance bands, for exercises like pull-ups, dips, and chin-ups.

    - 'jumping' and 'kipping' for chin-ups or pull-ups is also a form of assistance, using your body's momentum to complete a rep. Jumping would require single reps, where kipping can be used to complete a straight set.

    - Body Rows with 'knees bent' are easier than with legs straight, especially at a lower angle.

    - where a rep of an exercise is performed with one leg at a time, alternate which leg you begin with each round.

    - if you don't know what an exercise is, google it!

    The idea here is for someone to get a full body, bodyweight only workout, in a circuit fashion. A beginner could start with pike push-ups, and assisted versions of the more difficult exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups. Over time, as they gain strength, they could move on to less assistance or single/partial reps, and eventually perform the whole circuit with straight sets and no rest. It's something that anyone can try for a little change from time to time.

    Again, it's just an idea. If you don't like something about it, you don't have to do it as prescribed, or at all. But for those who are looking for something to try out, here's an idea for you!

    I did three rounds today, and it was pretty killer. Took me 44 minutes. First round was around 8 minutes, straight sets except the HSPU's, and the other two rounds had a lot of singles, broken sets and partials. I rested three to five minutes between rounds.

    I think a good goal would be to get four rounds, straight sets, in under 30 minutes. Doable? Try it!
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