More sleep will contribute to your weight loss plan. The former president of Obesity Society will push out a new book about losing weight. When the doctor makes a diagnosis of the obese patients, he not only requires about their eating habits but also ask about their sleeping condition. If their sleep is less than 7-8 hours, he will prescribe some pills for them to help them get a good sleep. He said, “When the patients get enough sleep, they will feel strong sense of fullness and their weight will go down when they eat less.” According to researchers of Chicago University, lack of sleep will influence the balance of hormone secretion, which means there will be less leptin and it will be easier to feel hungry. As a result, even not hungry, we will feel like eating something. In fact, sleeping is the most economic way to lose weight. If you want to lose weight safe and fast, meizitang soft gel can help you a lot in boosting the metabolism and making you slimmer.Obesity can be infectious. Judy feels excited when her husband loses 54 kilos and becomes slim. She pays much attention to her weight and does exercises a lot. She often tries to make her husband more active. After her husband has lost much weight, their life has changed a lot. People come to learn from him on losing weight. Sometime she even becomes jealous of her husband. She rides bike together with her husband and after some courses on weight loss, she also lost 14 kilos. Now she wants to be botanical slimming. According to scientific researches, gaining weight or losing weight can be infectious. From this example, we can see that losing weight can also be infectious. After Judy’s losing weight, her daughter also begins to lose weight and she also lose 40 pounds.