Monday 16 April
37th workout - CC Revolving Door "B"

joint mobility
jump rope 7:00
7:00 halo x2, hula x2, figure eights x2, good mornings all w/16 kg
horizontal ring rows chest high 15, 15, 16
uneven squats 8,8,9 both sides
half handstand pushups 2 brick high 16, 16, 16
calf raise straight leg 45, 45, 45, 45
uneven hangs :35, :35, :32 right and :32, :32, :33 left
jump rope 2:00

Had gunfire and explosions throughout the night so did not have the best rest. Two rifle rounds hit the house a couple of meters away from room, other than that everything was in the other direction. Our place is about 940 meters from the launch area so errant RPGs were a concern as they airburst at 950 meters. Heard the crack zing of the two that hit the house while doing the joint circles, moved away from the window after that

Workout went well, slowly adding reps.