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    Quote Originally Posted by itlives View Post
    Dang Greek! nuff said!
    Hey, the Reply with Quote really does work. Cool. But back to the point I wanted to make....

    Wow! Very impressive as usual. Almost 11 reps per minute for 2 hours. Almost 11 reps per minute. Keep working at it Greek. I'm sure you'll get it next time. You were so close. You almost did 11 reps per minute for 2 hours.

    Great job as usual.

    P.S. Hey, the Edit key works too. Now I can go back and fix some of the many mistakes that I happen to notice afterwards.
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    Burpees everyday update: 5/17/12
    Day 138 (no missed days so far)
    YTD - 14,255; Lifetime (1/1/2010 - ??) - 66,900.
    I plan to do burpees everyday in 2012. I plan to do 500,000 reps by 7/4/2025 (my 70th birthday).



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