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  1. Exclamation The Push Up Champion - Summer Games - Win $500.00

    The Pushup Champion

    This summer we invite you to enter the world of Push-ups and compete in our Summer Games Contest – THE PUSH UP CHAMPION!

    The rules for this contest are below and were taken from
    Nugget of Gold #35.

    To participate you need 2 things:

    1.You must be able to do at least 60 Quality push ups.
    2.You must have a medium quality webcam.
    The contest will be aired live at bodyweightculture.com last week of August (giving you plenty of time to prepare). The winner’s will get $500 plus gifts and gift certificates from various sponsors.

    If you want to be in this contest, you must submit a video of yourself doing at least 60 shoulder width push ups. The video must be titled Bodyweightculture Push Up King contest submission. Once you upload it on Youtube, place a link to your video into this thread by replying to it. The cut off date for submitting your video is June 30th.

    Keep in mind that your push ups must be of good quality, if not, you won’t be allowed to compete

    Adopted with permission from The Gravity Advantage Seminars.

    This game is for push up lovers. It’s a game of strength, endurance, wit, and will. To win you must know your body and you mind, you must know what your opponent thinks and what he is capable of. You must be able to both make a bluff and call a bluff. This is monopoly and chess and tough physical conditioning all coming together in one. This game can be played anywhere.

    This is a game of intelligence and quick wit. Muscles alone won’t make you a king.

    Are you ready?

    The object of the game.
    To outsmart, overpower and outlast your opponent,to become the Pushup King ™.
    The setup
    Two contenders face each other. Both get into the pushup position. Each player must remain in the pushup position for the whole duration of the set. Only hands and feet can be in contact with the floor.
    Before you begin, you must be familiar with the rules.
    The rules
    There are 3 sets in the game, to become the Pushup King ™, you must win two sets.
    Each set lasts for 3 offenses and 3 defenses offered alternatively by each party.
    To initiate the offense the player states his “shot”. “I am going to do 20 close grip pushups.” Or “20 Diamond.”
    Player two has a several options. His defense must take into consideration the strength and endurance of his opponent, as well as his own.
    There are two main options.
    1. To Surrender by saying; “I give” or “Give”
    2. To Defend by saying; “Go”
    Option 1. The defending player surrenders. That means that he believes that the offensive player can carry out his shot and the defensive player either can’t repeat the shot or doesn’t want to spend energy on it. In the case of surrender the offensive player gains a point. The offensive player has no need to demonstrate his shot.
    Option 2. The defensive player put’s up a defense.
    1. If the offense performs the shot and the defense can’t answer it, the offense gets 2 points for the successful offense.
    In the Pushup King ™ there are 5 more scenarios that are possible, if the defense or resistance is offered.
    2. The offence can’t do the shot. . In this case the offense looses a point or defense gains a point in case the offense has zero points.
    3. The offense does the shot and so does the defense. No point is scored for either side.
    4.The offense can’t do the shot and the defense doubles it. This is an automatic set win for the defense.
    5.The offense can’t do the shot, but the defense can. The defense gets 2 points.

    6.The offense does the shot and the defense doubles it. This give a defense 2 points. (This also takes away one of three chance of offense from the offensive player, leaving his with 2 chances for an offense. This does not apply if the offense has completed it’s 3rd offense in the set.)
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