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    ChrisTG's Stone Lifting Log

    After reading the Naked Warrior by Pavel, I really wanted to use bodyweight to build up some pure strength. However I felt it lacked some accessories (it is a "naked" program after all) so i added some pullup and ab strength exercises, core stability work and running. Everything is done one set.

    The program is based on the idea "if it's important, do it everyday"

    Absolutely perfect one leg pistol (no wobbly, nothing, 100% control through the whole movement)
    Able to do a one arm pushup, even if the the form needs tidying up
    20 Pullups (currently at 11)

    Abs: either working on my hanging leg raises or on lying leg extensions, since with the pelvic tuck they hit the abs exactly the same, but one needs something for me to hang on.

    Core: Full Bridge, Front Plank, Side Planks, Bird Dogs, all done for time except the last.

    Day 1
    Morning: Joint Rotations to limber up, One Leg Pistols, One Arm Emphasis Pushups, Abs, Core
    Lunch: One Leg Pistols, OAE Pushups, Abs
    After Work: One Leg Pistols, OAE Pushups, Abs
    Main Routine: Mobility Drills, One Leg Pistols, OAE Pushups, Abs, Jogging, Core, Stretching

    Day 2
    Morning: Joint Rotations, One Leg Pistols, OAEPU, Pullups, Core
    Lunch: OL Pistols, OAEPU, Pullups
    After Work: OL Pistols, OAEPU, Pullups
    Main Routine: Mobility Drills, OL Pistols, OAEPU, Pullups, 100m sprints, Core, Stretching


    I'm eating what would be classified as paleo, although in reality I'm just eating whole, natural foods and not buying junk food or eating out, not following any program or anything. Averaging about 2 bad meals a week (ie pizza, eating out, etc) and the rest are good. I've lost about 10lbs in 3 weeks, so I'm nearly down to 150, but I'm just wanting to get lean and then stay there while I grow bigger and stronger, as opposed to any concrete goals on weight loss. I just want to be stronger, healthier and more capable.

    My roomate and I are both eating like this, and she can cook really well, so our meals have been very delicious. I've been helping her workout and eat right and so far it's been very successful (gone from pants not fitting to falling off in 2 weeks).

    Feel free to comment
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