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Jul 05, 2007, 07:34 AM

I'm thinking about getting this even though I'm not really sure how much it costs, has anyone bought this already or heard of this guy? Or does it look like a bogus scam- like that Matt Fuhry guy?

Okay it's 20 dollars, and there's some stuff about being enrolled in a Legion where they send you DVD's monthly for 100 dollars a shipment, but they offer a customer service number to call and cancel before your first monthly subscription ships. So just $20, but still want to know if you guys and girls know about this guy.

Jul 05, 2007, 10:12 AM
You pay the $20, and all you get is an intro dvd. No meat and potatoes. You have to wait till several DVDs and hundreds of dollars later before the 'real' stuff comes through. This isn't so much of a scam as it is a smart way for them to get regular income.

Could it all be legit? Maybe, but you'd be better off spending that money at a martial arts school for hands-on training.

Jul 05, 2007, 10:51 AM
Please tell me you weren't seriously considering this....
The cia, fbi, KGB and all this shit really use this? comeon. This is bullshit.

I'd say pass it.

Jul 05, 2007, 01:23 PM
Well, it's your money and you should do what you want, but if it were me I wouldn't waste any time or money on this guy. Sounds very much like a scam to me.

Jul 05, 2007, 02:46 PM
im sure you will learn some good moves from this guy, but i do not think it is anywhere near worth 100$ for some DVDs. DVDs arent nearly as good as hands on MA classes. you can learn in 1 month what you would learn from dvds in a year.

Jul 06, 2007, 05:05 AM
Yeah I guess I never thought of it as an intro DVD as juggledex put it, because that's all that I'm willing to pay for. So no dice.

Big Jew
Jul 06, 2007, 12:53 PM
Looks lame IMO.

Get Bas Rutten's stuff if you're looking for a dvd series of self defense and workouts.

Aug 01, 2007, 07:11 PM
wait it says that now you get al of them for 30 bucks. does anyone know if thats true?

Aug 01, 2007, 07:44 PM
if you run a search on "accelerated battlefield combatives" you'll find lots of reviews in martial arts forums...

here's another site, looks like it's by the same people: http://15minutehell.com

my view: if someone uses that standard info-product format, then the product is devoid of substance....

Aug 01, 2007, 08:10 PM
I do not believe in any of that.

People fall for those marketing things like flies.

Aug 01, 2007, 08:29 PM
exactly. more specifically, a lot of info-marketing plays on people's hopes for an easy ride--"why do years of hard training when, by buying our product, you can quickly be a badass"...

it's DESIGNED to do this--to activate emotional triggers...marketers want to manipulate people's perceptions in order to make money--i find this ethically abhorrent, and indicative of our society's current focus on superficiality at the expense of genuine substance.