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Mar 26, 2007, 09:55 AM
I was wondering if any of the members have any experience with this product? (jungle gym)

I am looking for a tool much like the *** but I can't afford and this is much cheaper.

Are you able to place your feet in the handles to do exercises like the ***?

I mainly want ot use it to achieve my goal of hand stand push ups bu slowly adding height to push ups to load my chest at a greater angle without the challenge of placing my feet on the wall or holding a hand stand just yet.

Apr 05, 2007, 11:29 PM
I purchased LifelineUSA's Jungle Gym 2 about a year ago and love it. The whole stability control throughout the range of motion of the exercises adds a whole new twist to pushups and pullups. Unless you have huge feet, you should be able to put your feet in the handles. I have size 13 feet and I have plenty of room. If you have alittle extra cash, I would go for the Jungle Gym 2 instead of the regular Jungle Gym. It has padded handles, strong 1 inch webbing and extra heavy duty buckles. I had looked at getting the ***, but it is way overpriced.

As for the handstand pushups, I used heavy resistance bands to do shoulder presses until I got adequate shoulder strength. Then I placed stacks of phonebooks under my head and did partial hspu's. Only coming down and going up a few inches. The phone books cut down the range of motion. Then as you get better remove phone books one at a time until you are doing the full range of motion hspu's. If you want to make hspu's harder, put some phone books under your HANDS and increase the range of motion. You can do this with most bodyweight exercises: pistols, one arm pushups, airborne lunges. The hardest part of hspu's for me was flipping up into the handstand. I was afraid of falling on my head.

If you want pics of this process or pics of the Jungle Gym 2, message me.

Apr 25, 2007, 04:28 PM
I was thinking of getting the Jungle Gym 2, but the shipping to the UK was far too expensive! It was actually the same price as the JG2 itself, making the thing worth about 70.

Alternatively, I went to www.strapworks.com, and ordered 2 15 feet metal cam straps. I got some handles from a physio rehab site (cant remember the URL), and the whole setup was less than $20! Thats not including shipping, but if you are in the US, then shipping wont cost nearly as much!