View Full Version : Question? Training pressure points by yourself?

Dec 08, 2011, 11:32 AM
I have basic understanding about pressure points, i'd like to learn more but there's not any martial art on my hometown that uses them.

Can you train them by yourself? To learn how to find them quicker etc? I know that of course the sleep/confusing points are offlimits to a single trainer. And how often you can train these? I understand that it can be hazardous if you train too much.

Dec 09, 2011, 12:19 AM
Personally I would recommend against training pressure points. Many years ago I trained in several styles that emphasized pressure points but later realized just how impractical and unusable they really are. The reality is that the pressure point locations are different for everyone based on body size, structure, muscle size, obesity levels, etc. Then you have to take into account that real altercations are nothing like the controlled training environments where pressure point techniques are practiced. In training, techniques are performed at slow to moderate speeds on a willing training partner. Out on the street the techniques have to be applied to an unwilling attacker who is attacking with full force in a chaotic and ballistic manner. Hitting a pressure point the size of a dime on a real attacker during the chaos of real combat is very hard to do, even with advanced training.

I once trained in a vicious style of kung fu called San Soo. The grandmaster of the style wasn't fond of pressure point techniques. He was known for showing how ineffective these types of techniques were and he emphasized that the only pressure point techniques that had been proven to work in real life were strikes to sensitive areas like the eyes and throat. The study of pressure point techniques for improving health is great but has little value for self-defense or combat survival.